Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jan 10 - Finding The Dazzling Light In Each Of Us

Search me out, O God, and know my heart; *
try me and know my restless thoughts.
Psalm 139:22

Let the prioress and abbot always remember that at the judgment of God, not only their teaching but also the community's obedience will come under scrutiny.
2:6 (Chittister, Pg 35)

The purpose of Benedictine spirituality is to gather equally committed adults for a journey through earthen darkness to the dazzling light that already flames in each of us, but in a hidden place left to each of us to find.
Sister Joan Chittister, Pg 36)
It is true, our spiritual leaders will be held accountable for the lessons they teach, but each of us in our families, our jobs, in our school of spiritual growth will also be held accountable. We must concentrate on our journey, our growth toward the dazzling light that flames within us. Great lessons are provided, but we must be open to absorb them, we must listen. We must respond. As "equally committed adults" we must do our part. Thanks be to our God who searches us, who knows our heart, who tries us, who knows our thoughts, both restless and rested. Ultimately, if we are quiet and listen for God with the ear of our heart we can know our part, we can grow.

A Note To Anyone Reading:

This entry is part of a series that is developing as I read The Rule of Benedict, A Spirituality for the 21st Century, Joan Chittister, Crossroads, 2010. I am offering this both to those at St. George's Episcopal Church, Arlington VA, that may be reading Ms. Chittister's book and to anyone that is interested.

Unless stated otherwise quotes from St. Benedict's Rule from the translation in this same book.

Psalms are from The Book of Common Prayer, The Episcopal Church, 1979 unless otherwise noted.

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