Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Six things I am looking forward to in the United States

I have been really quite for a while, but the more I ponder all the political "discussion" these days, I realize that there are six things I am looking forward to in the United States. There may be others, and I may end up rebuilding the list as we go forward, but as a start I look forward to the following six:

1.       Big Business and Big Government are both subject to the citizens of our country
2.       All citizens have equal say in these decisions regardless of:
·         Sex
·         Age (as long as they have reached voting age)
·         Job (or lack of job) status
·         Economic status
·         Health Status
·         Marital Status (and if married, the sex of their marriage partner)
·         Sexual Preference
·         Handicap
·         Education
3.       Women have the same ability, at the same economic cost, to choose if (and when should the wish) to become a parent as men
4.       We stop killing people in wars or in the name of “justice”
5.       We worry more about how to care for the earth than how to reduce the cost of energy
6.       We pay for what we provide, without borrowing from our children and grand children