Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photography or Info Sec - Oh Wait I CAN Have It All!

A couple months ago on my Flickr stream I mentioned I had created a "sketchbook" and I intend to create a formal photography portfolio. I did this after a discussion with a photographer friend and the realization that I really do love photography.

I am having a great time at work as well. I am working for my employer as the in-house Information Security professional, have successfully achieved industry certification in that field, and enjoy working on projects and further study in the field.

I find it interesting how my mind works with things I do. Having made the photography statement I proceeded to run a couple different scenarios in my head imagining my life as a "photographer", thinking how much better it would be to do something I love for a career. While I was happily imagining myself making money with photography I also found myself taking fewer pictures and not always getting very excited about picture possibilities.

And, as it has a habit of doing, "Life" invaded my mind as well. This spring and summer Patty and I have spent a little time thinking about The Future and taking stock of where we are and what our resources are. Do we have any? Well, yes, of course. Do we have everything we want? No. (Does anybody?) Do we have most or all of what we need? Yes. But working, for more than a few years, is definitely part of our future.

So, you ask, where is all of this going, anyway? (If your not asking I sure am...)

Well, here is what I realized in the past couple of weeks: I CAN have it both ways! I have many wonderful examples of professionals successfully enjoying both professional careers AND significant artistic lifestyles, living all around me. A month or so ago I ran across an article in The Washington Post about a very well respected local Jazz combo that was playing one last gig at the club it had been playing in for the past twenty or more years. Why the breakup? Three of the members are all retiring from successful professional careers and moving out of town. Add the amateur choruses, church choirs, and other groups. And that is just the musicians. When I am visiting work sites there are wonderful collections of paintings, photographs, sculpture, and other art on the walls and in display cases, created by full-time employees, people that love art and love working.

So here is my new plan, a new scenario: Go to work, take pictures, and enjoy life a whole lot! I DO plan on becoming a better photographer, and I DO plan to improve "Information Security", and no, I don't currently have a plan to give one up and only do the other. (But I will most likely always think the "other" is "so much better" when I am in the middle of a long, boring, assignment in the first, no matter which I am in.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All That God Asks

"in doing the best that we can for today, we are doing all that God asks of us."...From a daily meditation guide