Monday, December 31, 2007

366 Day 89 - Past, Present, Future

366 Day 89 - Past, Present, Future
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I have been reading from Joan Chittister's The Rule of Benedict, Insights for the Ages daily for about two years now. Benedict's Rule has been used for over a thousand years as one (of many)paths to be closer to God. While Benedict wrote the rule specifically to support the communities he was in.

Benedictine spirituality has been used as the basis for Christian spiritual growth in many contexts. I have found it a helpful way to journey closer to God. Twenty or thirty years ago as a younger adult I thought all I needed was to "do it right and I would have a perfect, Godly, life and everything would be easier. Not the case. What I have found is some of these tools help me on the Journey of my life, and some things are a bit better now than before.

I hope to combine my photographic avocation with sharing some of my responses to the Rule of Benedict and Chittister's commentary on the Rule of Benedict. I am not sure what will happen, but I expect I will grow some through this.

(By the way, you can find Sister Joan's book online at Please note, only a few days or weeks are presented at any one time.)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

366 Day 87 - "Fear", "anger", and "greed"? In my life?

366 Day 87 - "Fear", "anger", and "greed"? In my life?, originally uploaded by Seton Droppers.

Certainly I have felt the fear, anger, and greed mentioned in Henri Nouwen's book The Way of the Hearth, Connecting With God Through Prayer, Wisdom, and Silence. It took me a long time to realize my life is not going to be as perfect as I wish it to be, that I am likely to be living with aspects of the fear, anger, and greed he mentions for the rest of my life. But by the grace of my Higher Power I can keep getting closer, even if I don't get perfect.

On this journey I draw from resources that include a commentary on the Rule of Benedict titled The Rule of Benedict, Insights For the Ages by Joan D. Chittister, O.S.B., 12 Step literature, the devotional Forward Day By Day by Forward Movement, as well as regular reading of different spiritual books, primarily books on how one can structure life around the Rule of Benedict, even when one is not part of a formal religious community.

I find that by keeping regular quiet moments, listening for God, and this continued reading my life continues to improve. I find it wonderful how all these different sources and resources have fit together. They don't clash, each reinforces the other.